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The founder of our company has been responsible for the development, manufacturing and operation of industrial packaging lines throughout Europe.  Nearly all leading food and comestible factories still operate lines that have been developed and implemented by him. Among his customers were large, well-known companies such as Tchibo Hamburg, Tchibo Berlin, Albrecht Kaffee in Mühlheim, Herten, Ketsch und Weyhe, Dallmayr München, Dallmayr Berlin, Westhof Kaffee Berlin, Azul Bremen, Eduscho Wien, Plumrose Boeklunder, and Schirmer Dortmund.

  In1985, this experience resulted in the idea to develop a coffee roaster that enables everyone to roast top quality coffee in small quantities, fresh and right before the eyes of the customer. A first preliminary model was built. Not long after this, the first serial model was finished and applied successfully throughout the word. The customers’ passion for coffee and their feedback lead to further improvement, so that the current model is a state-of-the-art machine that leaves nothing to be desired.