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Our in-store coffee roasters are very simple to operate and only take up a small space; they do not require any specific staff, expertise, or trained roast masters. The entire roasting process – from filling in the raw coffee beans until the removal of the finished product – is very customer-oriented as it can be viewed through the glass panels from all sides. Our roasters can take quantities from 300 g up to 1200 g per roasting. Various roasting programs can be composed, saved and loaded by touch panel operation.

We are offering several additional features, adjusted to specifications and desires. Apart from various design options, different technical features offer you an optimum of comfort and usability: For example, a USB interface enables you to transfer roasting recipes from one device to another; a catalytic converter provides the option of flexible locations for the roaster anywhere in your sales areas, without exhaust air pipes or other special installations. The roaster is mounted on wheels so that it can easily be moved to any desired spot at your shop or business.

Technical specifications
Frame material: ordinary or stainless steel
primed or painted in RAL colours
Cover panel: polished stainless steel or polished brass plate,
translucent plastic ( acrylic glass, polycarbonate)
Illumination: 2 low-voltage spotlights
Heating: electric; ceramic heater
Air: side channel draft fan for roasting and cooling systems
Control: Touch Panel
Operation: dialogue controlled
Roasting material:  raw coffee beans, cereal grain
Roasting capacity: 300 g up to 2,000 g           
Performance: up to 5 kg per hour (gentle roasting process)
Power input:  ~ 9,5 kW
Power supply: 200-240V, max 30A, 60Hz oder
380-415V, 16A, 50Hz
Measurements: 600 x 550 x 1.750mm
Weight: 140kg